Photo Gallery

James Van Valkenburg, Pauline Martin & Laurence Liberson

Una O’Riordan, Kim Kennedy, Shanda Lowery-Sachs, Sharon Sparrow & Pauline Martin…April 2009

Old Acquaintances reunion! Martin, Applegate, Van Valkenburg & Chanteaux

Pauline & Pro Mozart fan Dina Winter

Pauline & long-time board member Irving Stollman

Pauline Martin & Emmanuelle Boisvert

Alice & Pauline

A fan poses with Emmanuelle

Erik at the reception

Joining forces in the encore

Cellist Judith Vander Weg

Emmanuelle Boisvert & Kim Kennedy
Violinist Kim Kennedy

Cellist Erik Asgeirsson

Artistic Director Pauline Martin
Acknowledging the applause.

The Berick & Martin Duo

Patron Beverly Baker & board member Barbara Stollman

Board members Alice Berberian-Haidostian and Fay Righthand

Vice-President Fay Righthand welcomes guests.

Board President Gerald Stollman

Artistic Director Pauline Martin addresses the audience
Dr. Huron captivates listeners.
Berick, Martin & Chanteaux in concert

Dr. David Huron: Music and Emotion

Flutist Sharon Sparrow & violinist Kim Kennedy
Glad to be here…

Sweet treats are waiting...

What a team!

Refreshments for all!

It’s all about the music…

Cellist Marcy Chanteaux

Ready to go…
Board members Janice and Lary Berkower chat with friends.

Attendees enjoyed Dr. Huron's presentation

Lee and Floy Barthel pose with Pauline Martin

Pauline Martin and Dr. David Huron

Violist Shanda Lowery-Sachs and violinist Kim Kennedy.

So glad you enjoyed the piece...

That was fun!

Mingling at the reecption.

Shanda Lowery-Sachs
Artist profile.

Time for refreshments.

Fans enjoying the reception.

Pianist Pauline Martin & Cellist Una ORiordan

Floy and Lee (under the hat) congratulate Shanda.

Wasn't it a great concert?

Alice and Sharon pose for the camera.

Acknowledging the applause.

Board member Ida Mucciante.

Violist Shanda Lowery-Sachs

Shanda Lowery-Sachs chats with a fan, movement

“Duo-ling cellists”

Applause is good!

Chamber music fans.

Laurie Psarianos attends the concert.

Loyal fans!

On to the reception.

Kudos at the reception.

Ticket table.

The trio rehearses.

Trio in rehearsal.


Meet & Greet at Hammell Music.

Stephanie Nofar greets our guests.


Sharon discusses the program.


Like minds...